Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Il Gelato, Milan

It seems like all I have been doing these days is writing about salads and gelato, but what else can you do in this heat?
Last week end we decided to try the latest new gelateria that F had read about a while back on specialized blogs, Il Gelato. What sets them apart from all other gelaterie is they boast 100 flavors. Probably an exaggeration but it piqued our curiosity.

We drove there, as it is not in a very central location and entered a large, modern, once again minimalistic open space area with several counters in a circle in the middle. Sure enough there were 100 flavors, or approximately: I have to admit I didn't count them. One whole counter was dedicated to different varieties of chocolate. Another displayed seasonal and exotic fruits ,while yet another was filled with savory flavors such as celery, red pepper, gorgonzola, onion frittata (I kid you not) and many more. They had ricotta cake, and cashews&ceres beer, black sesame seed, blueberries&milk, Gewurztraminer and Barolo based flavors and so many more. The list is seriously endless.

F had gorgonzola, California pistachio (as opposed to the Sicilian pistachio we normally get here) and peanuts. The gorgonzola was very true in flavor, almost a touch too salty but F was satisfied with his other choices. M got stracciatella and loved every lick of it. I, hot as ever, decided I was looking forward to mint chocolate chip as I never get to have that at home since F cannot even look at it, let alone have it near one of his flavors. I looked and looked and looked and there was no sign of anything with mint in it. I will not lie, I was disappointed. At that point my brain was programmed on refreshing and minty and for some reason I got licorice, which is a flavor I normally never get. F looked at me in mild surprise. But I wasn't in the mood for lots of sweet, rich flavors. It was good and refreshing, if not creamy enough for my taste.

As usual I pulled out my camera and asked to take pictures and struck up a conversation with the owner, who was extremely courteous. He also answered a lot of our questions and gave F a few samples (rice&saffron - apparently excellent; the licorice was too dominant on my taste buds). He also told us they already own a store in Rome.
The prices are reasonable compared to Grom and Ronchi, at €20,00 per kg, and the amount of flavors is mind-boggling.


  1. What an amazing range of flavours! :o Onion fritatta? Now I don't know if I would go there! OK who am I kidding, I totally would :P

  2. Lorraine - of course you would! We asked about these flavors and the owner said they are usually used for antipasti, on crostini or to accompany things you would normally eat with the original ingredients; i.e. you could serve a scoop of gorgonzola ice cream with slices of pear, honey drizzled on top and a some walnuts...this is just an idea off the top of my head, but I am sure there are a million other solutions. Maybe the onion frittata flavor with potatoe pancakes?

  3. I love your blog, too! I lived in Firenze for four months and it definitely affected my outlook (and LOVE) for food. Ahh your blog makes me so nostalgic...I'm so happy I found it! I will definitely be checking back!

    Ciao ciao :)


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