Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gelateria Ronchi, Milan

It looks like gelaterie following Grom's philosophy (using seasonal, high-quality ingredients and showcasing ice cream as if they were boutiques) are sprouting like mushrooms this year in Milan. A few days after visiting Rivareno I heard about Ronchi, so off I went with my family to taste their product.

The store is reminiscent of an industrial loft with the warm touches of brick walls and country style decor, definitely in contrast with the minimalistic, cool style of Grom and Rivareno. This place seems to want to invite you to stay and enjoy your gelato on the premises. The people working there were very pleasant and I underline this because it is not always a given in this country. Being able to look into the lab where they produce the gelato is also a plus. Like Grom and Rivareno, the dipping wells are the old-fashioned crome kind with lids.

Their motto is 'Our ice cream is as authentic as our passion' and on the wall behind the counter you read 'The seasons decide our flavors'.

I must be honest and admit it was so terribly hot on the day we went that I ordered a granita instead of an ice cream, but I did taste F's (pistachio and stracciatella) and M's (chocolate and nutella) and they were both creamy, rich and very good. We sat at one of the tables for a while and the owner (whom I did not talk to but who walked in while we were there) and the people working there were very relaxed about me taking pictures (I asked first of course).

You can also have yogurt with fruit or smoothies if you don't feel like tasting their ice cream or one of their many flavors of granita. And there are several yummy toppings to personalize your gelato.

The price, if I remember correctly, is €24 per kg: as expensive as Grom's.
If I have to find a sore point, it would be waste...I read on their website that they get rid of the left-over ice cream every evening after closing and start producing a new batch every morning. Given it is nice to know you are eating fresh food, is it really necessary when it comes to ice cream, which has a pretty long "shelf life" if stored correctly? We at this point have to hope they try to make small batches at a time...

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