Friday, June 17, 2011

To post or not to post?

I started writing this post after commenting on a blogging friend's post this morning, but it had really started forming in my mind last night when I was sorting through some pictures for my blog. I was wondering what I would write about today, what I should post. I had no recipe I considered post-worthy, no eye candy and I was also feeling a tad uninspired. The truth is, I wanted to be passed out in front of the TV, not sitting at a desk working. The kids were finally in bed and asleep and I felt like I was going through the motions of yet another daily chore.

Empty wash machine
Load wash machine
Empty dishwasher
Sort socks
Write names on 50 diapers for daycare
Edit pictures for blog

Wait, since when has my blog become a chore?

I love this blog, it is my newest born child. I nurture it, I think about it throughout the day and I look forward to spending time with it. It is my creative outlet, my space to be me and not somebody's mother or wife or colleague.

I think what happened is that I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. With the summer approaching quickly and the markets brimming with promise, filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables that we haven't seen in months, I feel like I should be cooking up a storm but I am not and this makes me feel frustrated. I feel like I never have time: time to make a decent meal, time to take a good picture, time to even get to the supermarket. I read about people who have cues of recipes to post and I feel like I am struggling to keep up and this dries up my creative juices.

Time is always the problem, it always has been. In the winter my blogging life was a rush to capture light. By the time I got home it was dark and the only meals I could photograph decently were the ones I made on the week end. Fine, I adjusted. I made a few good eats on Saturday and Sunday and wrote about them during the week. Now spring is here and I finally have the light (I know, that sounds like a sentence stolen from some Fantasy movie) but I never get home early enough to cook because playground season has started and we are often away on the week ends making even our weekly trip to the supermarket to stock up tricky.

Basically, what I am saying is that sometimes you have to stop, breathe and tell yourself to take it easy. Life is full of obligations and responsibilities and chores. Mine is about constantly rushing from one place to the next, feeling guilty at work because I have kids, feeling guilty with my kids because they are enrolled in each and every after-school and summer activity the school has to offer. So if it is Friday and I ain't got nothing to post or to tell the world, I won't post.

Because posting and blogging is supopsed to be fun, because there is always someone out there who has something interesting to say or bake if I don't, because posting is not my job and there are no deadlines (unless I choose them) and if I don't post for a week it is not the end of the world.

Sometimes you just need to sit back and recharge your batteries and follow the example of something as simple as my homemade vanilla extract. This baby is resting in a dark cool place and let me tell you, it is thriving.

Lesson learned.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ohhh I totally agree with you! I never thought blogging would take so much time and effort... I love it, but it can be tiring when you add it to all "THE REST"! I am sending you a big virtual hug to cheer you up... I am sure you'll use that vanilla extract in some mouthwatering dish... and we'll be waiting (patiently) for the recipe! :-) Have a great weekend!

  2. I know how you feel. And a blog should never feel like a chore but sometimes it is (I can mine a baby that needs constant feeding). On the plus side I think that your home made vanilla extract is definitely worth blogging!

  3. Just to let you know you're not the only one who feels like that. As much as I love blogging,it does take time,energy and inspiration to put out posts on a regular basis. I think sometimes a little break is a good thing. We all need to recharge our batteries when feeling overwhelmed. Hope you do take the time you need to relax, enjoy summer, and down time with your family. The recipes can wait.

  4. Manu - sometimes I dream of taking a day off from work to stay home and bake something complicated ALONE in the kitchen, without two little ones running around and demanding my attention. And having the luxury of taking pictures, trying out different lighting...but the truth is if I do take a day off, the only thing I truly want to do is pick up my kids early and take them out for an ice cream.
    Lorraine - yes a baby that needs constant feeding, exactly. I have already ahd two of those, I'm done. It is ok if it is a job, like in your case. But my in mine, it will have to go without milk for a day or two. Hehe
    Anna - I intend to enjoy this week end with my family. I will worry about recipes on Sunday evening. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Gosh, I can't believe how much this post rings true. Blogging is so great, but sometimes I call it "slogging" to myself -- there are days or weeks or months when it really is something of a chore.

    Just take your time, realize that it's okay if you feel like taking a little space, and live your life as well as you can. When it comes back, it will come back in full force, and we'll all still be here waiting to read and enjoy your words whenever they come naturally to you.

  6. It's true... a blog requires a lot of effort and patience, and TIME. It's not always easy finding enough free time for the blog, and then sometimes I'd like doing something else in my spare time... doing something with my boyfriend, seeing an old friend.
    Well, the nice thing is that blogging connects you to other people from all around the world that understand you... and this is not bad at all!

  7. You know, I totally understand, and I've been going through something very similar lately. Maintaining a blog is hard work. We can't always feel inspired every second of the day, and when we dont, what is supposed to be fun feels like a job. Its okay to take a break. There are days when the thoughts of doing "blogging stuff" is a downer, and I hate that. We all need to recharge. It will come back.
    *kisses* HH

  8. So true....thank you for this post!

  9. The minute your blog becomes a chore, it is definitely time to step back and take stock. I now blog without obligation knowing my true friends will always be there, sometimes I have a run of posts, then nothing for a week or more. Secretly I actually prefer to read blogs that do not have new posts too often they are easier to keep up with :) Take Care.

  10. Nervous Cook - hi! I agree, you just need to step back and thanks for being there. Just having written about it has made the juices start flowing a little.
    Giulietta - that truly is one of the best aspects of blogging, the community. So go out with your boyfriend, have a good time and we will be there the next morning, waiting patiently.
    HH - True, true: you cannot feel inspired all day each and every day. I enjoy your blog, because you take your time but when you do write, it is worth reading and looking at.
    Miri - it is good to hear that all of you feel the same way.
    Lindy - I totally agree . It is sometimes a chore to keep up with blogs that update constantly! And yes, your true friends will follow you and wait around for you when you take some time off to live. Because in the end you need to experience things to write about them.

  11. Eh si, meglio riposare quando e' cosí. Oppure fare il corso di Arte di vivere che ti fa ricade le batterie in men che non si dica...e comunque quando arriva l'estate, non ci sono ha voglia di vacanza!! Baci Cla


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