Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beer can chicken, Elba, awards and 7 facts

Last night I went to my college roomate's 40th birthday bash (don't even think about counting how old that makes me. I am still in my thirties...for now). It turned out to be one of those perfect evenings, the kind you cannot plan ahead, those parties where the vibe is just right, you know? I'm sure re-embracing old friends that I hadn't seen in way too long, the copious amounts of wine that were flowing and the high heels and party dresses contributed to making it special. And there was a young, handsome magician moving through the tables to entertain us who may or may not have cast a little spell, but in the end I'm pretty sure we make the magic when we are together. We did it back in the party days and we still do it now. Even the morning after is pretty much the same: too little sleep and a boulder where my head should be.

Here is what has changed: I could do it at twenty, I can't at forty thirty-something.

What I can do however is post a few shots from the island of Elba, an idea to roast your chicken differently, a few awards and 7 facts about me that you don't know, as per tradition.

A tiny seaside wedding we came across

Do you see the starfish decoration?
Remember when I made beer chicken a few weeks ago? Remember I mentioned that whilst googling recipes to make it I discovered something called beer can chicken? Well, if you don't, google the words chicken and beer, you will be inundated by directions on how to grill a chicken with a beer can stuck up its patootie. I do not own a BBQ and was thus quite disinterested until I read that you can make it in the oven too. My curiosity was piqued, I have to admit, so here are the results after reading a few of these recipes. The chicken was moist and the skin was out of this world, wonderfully crunchy and tasty, but we still prefer our go-to recipe for fall-of-the-bone tender meat.

1 chicken
1 beer can
rub or spices (optional)

Preheat oven to 400°F. Wash and dry the chicken (and the can of course) and then rub with your favorite combination of spices. Open the beer, pour out up to half the can and punch a few extra holes in it (I didn't...oops!). You can add some of the rub into the beer if you are so inclined. Place the beer can in a baking dish and arrange the chicken over it. Put it on the lowest rack of your oven. I suggest you cover the top of the bird with some tin foil for the first hour of cooking so it doesn't burn. After the first 1/2 hour, lower heat to 350°F and roast for approximately another 1 1/2 hours. When it is ready, take out and let rest for about 10 minutes. Then, using an oven mit and tongs or a fork, separate the chicken from the can. You can use the juices and beer to make gravy.


I was honored to receive a shower of awards from my blogging friends Pola, an Italian living in the States, and Moomser, an American at heart living in Italy. Thank you girls, I always look forward to reading your new posts. To honor these awards, you know it is traditional to write 7 facts about yourself that others may not know and to award other bloggers. I always like to try to pass them on to new blogs I have recently discovered and enjoy, but I love all of you (you know who you are). So here goes:

1. I am a freckle face. I tend to forget about it and do not see my freckles when I look into the mirror, but it is something you probably would mention to describe me.
2. I do not nap. Ever.
3. I prefer savory to sweet, I will choose a slice of prosciutto or a runny cheese over a piece of cake any day but I cannot imagine a world without chocolate (and related items such as brownies) and ice cream.
4. I am definitely a chocolate ice cream kinda gal as opposed to a vanilla one.
5. I got my driver's licence when I was 8 months pregnant. I actually got my US licence when I was 16 but growing up in Italy I never got a chance to drive automatic cars so it doesn't really count.
6. I studied law. I surprise myself everytime I remember this.
7. I love shoes and tend to buy sparkly make up that I don't wear.

I would like to pass these awards on to my latest discoveries:

Dinners and Dreams - delicious Maroccan recipes and beautiful photos
Sugar Plum - a girl with a dream: pastry school
Lucky number 13 - about motherhood, in lovely words and photos
Scary Mommy - the truth about being a mom, she says what you are thinking
Diary of a Ladybird - an oldie for me really, but she is back with something special baking in the oven
The Winter Guest - my latest discovery
Miri Leigh - fun, informational videos and lots of ideas


  1. I loved reading about you, that's always my favourite part about blogging awards. I too prefer savory over sweets and chocolate over vanilla! ;-) Lovely pictures btw!

  2. Wow, look at all those awards! you totally deserve them. I love your 7 facts and learning more about you. Try napping though daaaaahling, it is totally fun :D
    *kisses* HH

  3. So thanks a lot for the award!! You don't need to erase the link... It's just that I don't pass on the awards, sorry for that!

  4. Interesting facts about you; love the photos from Elba and that beer chicken!

  5. I love beer can chicken! In fact we were just talking about it tonight at dinner! :) And we are in total agreement about points 2 and 3!

  6. Manu - it never hit me until yesteday about the 7 facts, sorry I didn't do it when you so kindly awarded me,
    HH - thanks dahling. Funny, huh? I just don't like daytime napping, I don't know what it is. Hated it as a child, still hate it now.
    Miriam - Hi! No prob, just hadn't realized until after I linked to you that you don't do the award thing and wasn't sure if you minded.
    ToB - glad you enjoyed.
    Lorraine - I had never heard about it before but it seems to be all the rage.

  7. Oh the party sounded perfect! There's something about drinking wine in Rome with a bunch of your girlfriends that just "speaks" to me! I do know that day after head least it will go away in time... :)

    Love getting to know you more! I too have purchased sparkly make-up in my day that is sitting in an upstairs bathroom drawer...! LOL!

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  9. Sounds like you gals had a great time! I love making beer can chicken - it's always on the list of cookout meals at least once a year!

  10. Oooh thanks for the award! How nice of you :)

  11. Care's kitchen - it was in Milan with a mixed group of guys and girls, but got the vibe ;o) Hang over gone. It is funny, we spend so much time writing about our lives, yet there is so much we don't reveal. By the way, we should get together and have a make up sale!
    Christine - thanks, will be sure to check it out!
    Peggy - it was a totally new thing to me. Then again, people are not as BBQ crazy here.
    Ladybird - pleasure m'dear

  12. EPIC.

    i want to make a roast noW!

  13. Another great recipe! And thanks so much for the award-- I always love reading your posts and your creative ideas!

  14. Dolly - Hiya!
    Miri - same here :o)


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