Thursday, June 23, 2011

For Monet

One of the things that surprised me the most when I started blogging was becoming part of a community. The blogosphere may be a virtual place, but everything about the support, the friendship and the comraderie that thrives in the foodie blogging community is real. I have seen virtual babyshowers held for expecting moms that live on the other side of the world. I have gotten teary over pictures of children and laughed until my stomach hurt over stories about them. I have felt emotional reading posts about mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, friends and partners. We spend time with these people pretty much every day, we often read their innermost thoughts. Time passes and we become friends, without really even noticing it.

The story that touched me the most since I entered this world was Monet's. She is a young, inspired and inspirational young woman who has been through a lot of hardship in the past years. A few months ago she lost some close members of her family in a tragic accident and through her words we have been experiencing her pain, her bereavement, her rediscovery of the small joys of life, things that make her smile.

When all this happened two of her blogging friends, Liz and Kate, decided to do something that would let Monet know that many of her followers were thinking of her, there for her, close to her. Since we are all united by the love of food and creating it, they thought it would be nice to create a book of comforting recipes. They asked each of us to send one from our blog that warms our souls and that brings us comfort. They then worked hard and long to put them all together and send her the book.

Monet has asked that we all share our recipes today.
I am honored to share my recipe, to be a part of this community. To Monet and her family, but mostly to Pam and to Jeremy.

Click on the link below for the full recipe and post.

Ossobuco with risotto alla Milanese


  1. What a lovely sentiment! I'm sure she feels the support from the three of you :D

  2. Lorraine - from your comment I realized I hadn't explained well and clarified. A whole bunch of bloggers participated in this event. You can see the whole list on Liz and Kate's blogs.

  3. This was such a great cause to be a part of! Monet is the sweetest of girls and it was amazing how many blogger's lives she's touched with her emotional story!

  4. How lovely!


  5. Such a lovely post...and such a beautiful and delicious recipe for ossobuco...yum! Thanks for being a part of this project :)

  6. I agree with your sentiments on the food blogging community completely!

  7. I have read about this over at Lizzy's blog... such a great and thoughtful project! The foodie community can be amazingly generous and friendly and warm! <3 I love ossobuco alla milanese btw! :-)

  8. Peggy - I couldn't agree more.
    Andrea - it is a great group of people
    Shilpa - :o)
    Lizzy - thank you for including me
    Ladybird - yes. Watch out for virtual baby hsowers ;o)
    Manu - A beautiful project, I agree. It is just about time to start eating ossobuco on that side of the world, no?

  9. It is impressive how you can make a lot of friend on the web and try virtual things. It isn't real thing but at least you can make distance short just like that.


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