Friday, September 30, 2011

My Seven links

If you are a foodblogger you probably know about the 7 links and you probably also have already participated (or decided not to). Right before I was leaving for vacation to go to a place with no Internet connection I was tagged by Paolo and Pola, two Italian expats and food bloggers. I told them both that I was honored to be tagged and told them that I would participate as soon as I got back. So here I am, as promised. I didn't forget.

One of my main reasons for participating in this challenge is that it forces me to go through my blog and see where I have gotten after a little over a year of blogging. What has improved, what I would like to change, what my readers are interested in. The truth is I am not much of a stats person, I just go with the flow and write what I am inspired by. I often post spur of the moment recipes, quick week night meals for my family. I do not sit and plan what recipe will be more successful and the few times I have planned ahead something usually went wrong. So here I go.

As in the most beautifully written post or the most beautifully photographed? Or both?
There are recipes that turned out beautiful but that my photography did not do justice to. There are photos that got onto the foodporn sites for recipes that weren't even real recipes or for blogposts that meant less to me than others. What criteria should I use to choose?
I decided to link to our cookie decorating session because: a) who doesn't love the holidays, whichever holiday it may be? b) This was a real family effort, with the help of good friends. It was a fun afternoon  and is a good memory. c) There is nothing more beautiful than childrens' creativity.


This was an easy one, all I had to do was check out my side bar.
The decoration on this cake, despite being extremely simple to make, attracts a lot of attention. It is one of the few posts that made it onto both Tastespotting and Foodgawker, so that explains the thousands of views. 

I am not a very controversial person, I generally avoid conflict if possible (I can hear my husband and mother snickering - you guys have the privilege of getting the real deal because you will hopefully always love me no matter what. Hello? Anybody out there?). In general I shy away from controversy, I try to look at both sides, I try to always find the middle stance. Just like in this post. But it was interesting to read the different opinions people have on the subject.

It is hard to choose, because as per Google queries the first of the two is the most helpful. On the other hand, while most people make a decent lasagna, I have had many a terrible risotto. So I personally think the second post is more helpful.

The post that still surprises me for the amount of views it gets daily, despite not being on Tastespotting or Foodgawker, is Teriyaki glazed salmon.
It was one of my rushed week night dinners with bad lighting and no time for real pictures. People are constantly googling that word combination and finding my blog through it. I guess they are on to the secret that this delicious recipe takes just minutes to make from scratch.

There are a lot of posts, epsecially the ones I wrote in my first months of blogging when I had very few readers, that I put a lot of effort and love into. Among these I chose my mother in law's ricotta cake, because it deserves as much attention as it can get.  Not for my sake, but for your sake. I swear. I think it is one of the most asked-for recipes I make. This cake is truly delicious. I have yet to meet one person who tasted it that did not fall head over heals in love with it, it is that good. It so easy, you have to try this.

 There are a few out there that I am pretty proud of because I went out of my comfort zone making them, pushing my limits. Most of them involve baking, because I am not a natural born baker and that is were most of my disasters take place in the kitchen. With savory I always find a way to get by and solve a situation or use up ingredients in a successful way. Baking is a whole different story. I am proud of so many of these: the saragli I made, my first layer cake and many more, but since it is fall I am choosing these. Before reading blogs, I never ever thought I would make these in my own kitchen.

And now that I am done, here is a list of a few bloggers I love reading who I believe have not participated yet. Check out their blogs, you won't be sorry.

My Fiance Likes it so it Must be Good

Oh, by the way, I have been having trouble commenting on Blogger sites these days, mine included, so be patient and I will be getting back to you.


  1. I love the 7 links challenge!!! I got to see a few of your posts I had missed and some I really liked (like that honey cake)! :-) Bellissimi! Mi hai fatto venire una voglia matta di lasagne!!! :-)

  2. The 7 links challenge was brilliant - love the way it takes you into sections of people's blogs you might not yet have visited. Some of these posts were new to me and loved reading every one - a great 7 links!

  3. I also enjoyed doing the 7 links post. The only post of yours I had missed was the Yuletide cookies post. Guess I found you afterwards. Anyway, I have just now started baking with my little helper. This Christmas it will be fun to help him smear frosting on cookies :)

  4. I just finished looking through the , I love your risotto post! I can totally understand what you mean. Luckily my in-laws will be very far away, so hopefully no judging!

  5. Your 7 best links are all great, love the photos you've got an eye for photography :) I think I might try the challenge too and see where I've moved from during the past few months. ice blog.

  6. That Nigella cake really is a beauty, I can see why you got so many hits. I've always wanted to try that recipe. The little bees are just adorable!
    *kisses* HH

  7. Great challenge because I probably would not have seen the ricotta cheese cake if you hadn't participated. Looks like something I'll try.

  8. Now I want to go back and check them all out! We all love putting up gorgeous pictures like that Nigella cake or the Christmas cookies but what I think we really love are the helpful posts or those sharing a favorite, meaningful recipe. I have been offered this challenge and I simply do not know where to start!

  9. Lovely to see a list of your past posts! You put a lot of effort into each of them, and it shows. :-)

  10. I loved reading your 7 links list Fiona! :) Hehe I don't court controversy either and that was a hard one for me to choose too!

  11. Great list! I like the second recipe 'cause it's so delicious and everybody loves it.


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