Friday, February 25, 2011

Teriyaki glazed salmon

Oh. My. Goodness.

This is one of the best things I have cooked, no, had lately.  And it took me under 10 minutes to make (excluding the salmon's cooking time) without buying any new ingredients. Who knew teriyaki was so easy?

Thanks to Hunger and Sauce, I discovered my new favorite way to make fish, meat or whatever else I can smother in this delectable sauce. It is perfect for a week night meal (like ours) but just as good to impress guests.

Hunger and Sauce also suggested using the left over sauce, diluted with some water, to dress up some vegetables, rice or noodles. Too bad F practically licked off every last drop from the baking dish there were no leftovers to speak of...but hey, maybe next time?

Today I am giving it another try: I took the day off from work so ciao, off to have me some girly fun! Have a great week end, possibly in the company of this dish. You won't regret it.

a large salmon fillet (or other fatty fish)
a pinch of sesame seeds, toasted

4 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp Mirin
a thumb-sized knob of fresh grated ginger
4 tbsp brown sugar

Preheat your oven to 180°C. Combine all the sauce ingredients in a small sauce pan (I was out of fresh ginger so I used dry ginger instead) and start mixing over a medium flame until the sauce reduces to a syrupy consistency. Brush over the fish and bake in the oven. We prefer to undercook our salmon so I did not leave it in long. Also, do not forget the sauce is hot when you brush it on and that that will start cooking the fish before you even put it in the oven. Before serving sprinkle over some previously toasted sesame seeds.


  1. Enjoy your girl time!
    i love your stove top and that pan too! Looks industrial!
    I never eat fish anymore mainly because 1) i feel like the fish mongers rip me off 2) i am not too sure where the fish is coming from... but teriyaki glazed salmon is so tasty, i might just have to make it happen.

  2. This is one of our FAVORITE ways to ways to eat salmon too! Something about the combination on flavors that goes so well with the richness of the fish - perfect!

  3. Nicole - Back from a shopping spree...and 99% of what I bought is for the kids. Typical! But I did have that mini Nutella brioche I wrote about in my other post and sushi with a girlfriend. Not a bad way to start the week end. Re the fish, I bought the salmon at the supermarket (reasonable price considering it was freshly caugh fish and origin marked on the tag).
    DD&W - How dare you not let me in on your little secret? Have a good week end.

  4. This food really looks amazing I am definetly going to try this. Check out some fish recipes at

  5. This is a very popular way to serve salmon in San Francisco. It is often on Japanese restaurant menus. I've never considered making this at home. It would be great for a dinner party: relatively simple, elegant and generally popular. Thanks for the tip!

  6. This is one of my favourite ways to cook salmon, My family likes it very much. It's just so delicious, so good with rice.

  7. I do believe I am making this on Sunday! It is the kind of cooking I can handle after a full weekend of feeding family members who are coming and going... Looks and sounds delicious!!!

  8. I this this is my second fave way to eat salmon...after sashimi, of course. I've made teriyaki chicken before, and I have ordered teriyaki salmon before, but have not made it in my kitchen yet!

  9. That salmon is calling me! Just had some in a ceviche and now I want a warm and juicy version too!

  10. Sonali - Hi! I just checked out your blog and will definitely be trying out some of your recipes. I love Indian food. Good luck on your new endeavour.
    Stevie - That is exactly what I meant! So good and easy and only ever had it in restaurants. Never thought of trying it at home.
    MaryMoh - rice and salmon is the best combination, I agree!
    UrMomCooks - Perfect simple recipe after a busy week end.
    Sophia - I adore sashimi. If you have made teriyaki chicken already, then you are set.
    ToB - Don't even get me started on ceviche, I LOVE it!

  11. Devo decidrmi a provarla sta teriyaki, una mia amica l'adoro e mi ha incuriosito!!!


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