Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kitchens of the world and smoked salmon with horseradish & dill dip

Today is all about your food.

I just started a new page (see above) called 'Nuts about Food in kitchens around the world'. Unfotunately I have not been travelling across the globe tasting home cooked meals these past few days (unless my imagination counts in the least). This page is dedicated to all those bloggers (and non bloggers, by the way) who have somehow been inspired by recipes they have found on my blog. In the past year some of you from all corners of the world cooked or further developed ideas I posted and linked back to my blog. It is always nice to be mentioned on someone else's blog, but what I love most is seeing how my recipes are interpreted by different people. So if you every cook anything from here take a picture, whether you are a blogger or not, and I will be happy to showcase it!

And because I cannot leave without a little idea for one of your next meals, here is my favorite way of eating smoked salmon these days (unless of course I am in New York, where I can buy a real bagel). I have to thank my mother for reminding me of this dip, although I added my own little twist. I don't care whether you spread it onto the bread and top it with a slice of salmon or if you dip the salmon into it before bringing the fork to your mouth, just promise you will try it. Smoked salmon will never be the same. And neither will anything else you try it with, come to think of it. Meat skewers, anyone?

2 tbsp craime fraiche
2 tbsp horseradish paste
fresh dill

smoked salmon
bread or crostini 

Mix 2 tablespoons of horseradish with 2 tablespoons or more or less of creme fraiche, depending on how much heat you like. Chop up and mix in a handful of fresh dill. Serve with smoked salmon and bread, toast or crostini. You could also blend the smoked salmon right into the dip, but I personally love the pink slices.


  1. Simple, delicious, perfect, as always! I'd eat it with the oat & buckwheat blinis I posted earlier in the week - heartily recommend! :-)

  2. Little loaf - I loved those blinis and all the fabulous toppings. Sounds like a great idea.

  3. Isn't that nice that you inspire people?! :)
    I'm going to look for horseradish paste now that I'm in the center of the Universe where I can find ANYTHING! How awesome is that?

  4. Aww thank you so much for featuring me in Nuts About Food Around The World-I'm so honoured!

    And P.S. I love smoked salmon like this-so simple but shows it off so well (and I'm a freak for dill!) :)

  5. I love that dip! I love horseradish... I will definitely try it with some nice salmon (I think smoked salmon is my favourite seafood... hehehe)!!!

  6. Ahhh and thank you for mentioning me on your new NAF in kitchens around the world page! :-)

    You know?! I discovered your blog through NQN's post about your Sally Lunn bread!!! <3 And I will always be grateful to Lorraine for that! :-)

  7. Nicole - when we are sitting alone in a room in front of our monitors it is hard to really understand that we are somehow reaching out to people all over the planet. And if you make me jealous one more time about being in NY, I getting on a plane to scold you in person! ;o) Although, I have to admit I did find the horseradish right here in Milan. And you even had Castroni in Rome...I wonder if they will ever open here...
    Lorraine - thank YOU! I also just found out that Manu discovered me through that post, so I am even more grateful for the mention.
    Manu - thank you for letting me use your idea of the recipe page, I think it was a great idea. So glad you found me through Lorraine, I love reading your blog and learning all your techniques. You have become a real blogging friend, blogging just wouldn't be the same without you.

  8. I like the idea of creme fraiche,have to try that.However,if you live in aereas where it's difficult to find that,the original version is to mix the strong type of horseradish into whipped cream. M.

  9. Lovely combo! MY aunt used to make blinis and stuff them with this and it was delightful. Much easier your way, I 'd say!

  10. Thank you for the inspiration and for mentioning me in NAF Kitchens of the World!!
    This looks lovely! Some of my fav things in a few bites!

  11. Anonymus - hi, thanks for the suggestion. So true that you can't get creme fraiche everywhere and cream is much more available. The end result is very similar, perhaps a little sweeter.
    ToB - blinis, as the Little Loaf suggested, is probably the best combinations. If you have the time, as you noted.
    Andrea - thank you for your photograph of for being a part of NAF kitchens. This is not even a recipe per se, it was just to leave you all with a taste of what I am loving lately.

  12. Looks very good, but that barely can fulfill me, looks small.


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