Friday, September 9, 2011

Markets and more

This is my last post of this summer's Mallorca series. Next week I will be back posting about my little adventures in the kitchen, but if you are anything like me, I know you will enjoy strolling through these crowded markets, looking at the stalls minus the masses of people and the sweltering heat of those days (don't thank me, thank my faithful little point-and-shoot camera).

Our first stop will be Sineu, inland Mallorca, once the island's largest market dedicated to livestock and agriculture. It is held every Wednesday and attracts masses of locals and tourists. Despite it selling everything from food, to clothes to junk odds and ends, it still has a section dedicated to live animals, although it is more a tourist attraction nowadays.

Need a new hammer?

Has your goat had its cup of coffee today?

Cerdo negro, indigenous to the island

Our next stop is the Saturday morning market held in Soller, certainly one of Mallorca's most picturesque towns. Bands play in the main square, the famous tram makes its way through the crowds ringing its bell and the cafés and bars are full of people enjoying cortados (espresso with a shot of milk) or a refreshing beer with some olives. After all, how can you resist them (see below)? I bought three large containers of capers and olives for under €8!

Baby eggplant

My daughter is standing there to show you the size of those olives

Remember that sobrassada?

Our last stop for food shopping is the fish market of Puerto Andratx, literally 10 steps from where the fishing boats come in with their daily catch.

Do you see the size of those? That is a grown man's hand

With this I say adios to the island of Mallorca. You were, as always, friendly and beautiful. See you soon.


  1. I love these markets. All that fresh Mediterranean produce.... great photos!

    And the animals are so cute :)

    It looks like you had a great time in Spain!

  2. I want those piglets! They are so incredibly cute...although they will grow up to make yummy sausages (oh dear, so spoke the ex-vegetarian!). Love your photos...we had prickly fig trees like your photo at the top in sicily - had no idea what they were at first!

  3. The shot of the donkey is too precious! Great photos!

  4. I can and do spend hours in any market I can find, be it on holiday or otherwise - so thank you for this great stroll on Mallorca market.

  5. Freakin' AWESOME photos - I wanted to BE there too!!!!! I adore Spain but have never been to Mallorca. What a treat to see it through your lens!!! -Besos!!

  6. Such beautiful photos. Have been absolutely loving having a vicarious visit...

  7. I love markets and miss them a lot... look at that cheese!!! And the olives and baby eggplants??? mmmmm But above all, I fell in love with the little piggies... they are just TOO CUTE!!!! <3

  8. Glad you all enjoyed visiting the markets with me. The photos were taken by my point and shoot in overcrowded situations so I am happy I captured the general feeling. I fell totally in love with that piglet and can't help but think of it when I see the sobrassada hanging in my kitchen and feeling really guilty, something that does not happen too often when food is concerned.

  9. You can't imagine how I envy you... Mallorca is one fo the cities I would like to know before dying, and in fact I hope going next year. Good luck in your adventure!


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