Monday, December 19, 2011

Foodies in Milan - Drinks at Panino Giusto

I may have not had a lot of time to cook lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been eating. Too much apparently, as my scale reminded me yesterday morning.

During the Christmas season there are endless opportunities to eat and drink and we have had quite a few nights out recently.

Jasmine and Manuel, the masterminds behind the blog Labna, organized their yearly Christmas Foodies in Milan get-together walking distance from my  home in a place you already know I love, not that I need any excuse to go out and stuff my face.

Truth is, I had no idea you could book Panino Giusto for events, they certainly don't advertise it. It is an interesting option for an aperitivo, pre-dinner drinks with lots of food, with friends. In this case the food is so good you will definitely skip dinner.

The buffet offered an assortment of smaller versions of their most beloved sandwiches, like the Tartufo (prosciutto, brie, arugula, tomato and truffle oil), and various canapes and bite size appetizers, Italian classics at their best, made with simple high quality ingredients: melt in your mouth hand cut prosciutto, fabulous mortadella studded with pistachios, perfectly aged Parmigiano Reggiano. pickles to go with the cured meats, bufala mozzarella. There were pescatarian and vegetarian options (smoked slamon, swordfish carpaccio and grilled vegetables). Cold, bubbly Prosecco and an interesting array of red wines flowed freely.

There was also a promise of their famous and truly amazing tiramisu, but unfortunately they served traditional Christmas panettone and Pandoro with zabaione cream, not a favorite of mine. I am sure it was delicious, but I was too disappointed to photograph it. Sorry!

It was a perfect chance to get to know some other food bloggers and catch up with Jasmine and Manuel, so thank you  for a fun evening.


  1. What a gorgeous line up of foodie fun! What a shame about the tiramisu though. What is it you don't like, panettone or zabaione cream? Or both! They sound delicious, although I agree, not as good as tiramisu!

  2. That mortadella really caught my eye!

  3. I enjoy a little tiramisu once in while, but the tiramisu they make here is AMAZING. And I like zabaione but am not a fan of panettone, especially the dry, supermarket version most people serve here around Christmas. The freshly baked kind is probably better, but it is just not my kinda thing.

  4. What a beautiful and delicious way to celebrate the beginning of the holidays! :D

  5. Wow! Everything looks INCREDIBLE! I'm hungry now.

  6. These are aperitivo snacks at their highest! The half-wheel of Parmigiano is a posh classic. You make me miss Milano :)

    I have some awards for you, I hope you will accept them (

  7. You made me miss Milano and the aperitivi as well. There is nothing like that anywhere else - they are pretty nasty for the scale though :)


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