Friday, September 3, 2010

Panino Giusto, Milan

Jolly: prosciutto crudo di Parma, brie, tomatoes and tartar sauce

Italians, especially the Milanese, know Panino Giusto. So this post is for all of you who don't and who may be lucky enough to stop in a place that has one (there is one conveniently located at Malpensa Airport now if you stop over or even places Tokyo).

Tartufo: prosciutto crudo di Parma, brie, rucola, tomato and truffle oil

The first Panino Giusto was opened in 1979 in Corso Garibaldi in Milan and was a pretty revolutionary concept in a country where you went for a pizza if you wanted a quick meal. It is, the name says it all, famous for its sandwiches. It offers a long list of sandwiches for all palates. The ingredients used are all top-quality and offer a vast array of typical Italian products. From melt-in-your mouth prosciutto di Parma to hand cut mortadella with pistachios, lard, mozzarella di bufala and much, much more. If you are one for grilled cheese be sure to try the Toast della Casa, a gourmet tuna melt with tomatoes, fontina, smoked ham and tartar sauce. And by all means order the Tartufo sandwich on your first visit: the enticing smell of white truffles will envelop your table long before your waiter hands you this paradisiac combination of Parma ham, arugula, tomatoes, brie and truffle oil.

Toast classico
Roast beef, mayo and tomatoes
Tuna salad sandwich

Nowadays Panino Giusto makes more than just sandwiches, cold platters and salads. You can choose from several warm dishes, including pasta. Among their desserts I insist you try their tiramisu, this coming from a person who never orders it in restaurants and firmly believes it is a make-at-home kind of dessert. It is fantastically creamy and sumptious, yet light and every bite is a perfect balance of mascarpone cream, coffee and chocolate. If you are too stuffed, order it to share and I promise you you will be fighting for the last spoonful.


Last but not least, don't forget to order coffee. It will come with a bocconcino dai dai, a nugget of milky ice cream covered in dark chocolate that you can drop and stir right into your cup of espresso. I personally like to savor every bite.

The average sandwich is priced around €6/7.

When in Milan, if you have to choose which one to go to, I suggest you visit the one near Porta Venezia. The building, a typical example of this turn of the century Milanese architecture, makes it worth the trip.

After having lunch in the Panino Giusto near the Duomo, we decided to take a walk in the beautiful weather.




  1. I love the chocolate covered ice cream that you can mix into your coffee. I enjoy coming to you blog and seeing the photos of places I will probably never get the chance to see in person. Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Lynne, I am glad you enjoy it, I will make an effort to post more pictures of the beautiful country I live in!

  3. Oh, can I move to Italy??!!!! haha, it makes me reminisce of Argentina! They're just so similar in so many aspects, and of course the food. :D


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