Thursday, December 22, 2011

Zum Franziskaner and Munich

When you read this I hope to be walking on a mountain road, white powder snow sparkling in the sun, the smell of pine trees and burning wood in the air.

I hope you will be sitting cozily with your family and loved ones, enjoying the holiday season and basking in their affection.

While you relax (unless you are hosting and in that case you will probably be stressing just about now) I thought I would show you some more snippets from our trip to Germany.

After walking around the center of Munich and several Christmas markets (and buying the most decadent snack ever, crackly pig rind), we needed to refuel.

Crackly pork rind: they must be taught young!

We stopped at the restaurant zum Franziskaner, famous for serving Bavarian and German classics, for a bite to eat. The place is an endless maze of rooms, large and small, each decorated with a unique style, from the grand turn-of-the-century-like salon to the the cozy wood panelled Bavarian stubes, the winter garden and the student mass. It is a large, crowded place. The service is efficient, the ingredients are seasonal and the recipes are nicely executed. Baskets of pretzels and large glasses of beer are aplenty, as are brimming bowls of warm potato salad, red cabbage and mustard.

A much needed cold beer

Warm goose liver salad

Steak tartare (we asked them to mix it for us)

Pork with crunchy pigskin and bread Knoedel

Traditional potato salad, cucumber potato salad and red cabbage

I wish you all very Happy Holidays and a healthy, wonderful 2012!

Just everyone was in town to do Christmas shopping!


  1. Love the last shot of the Geese going into town! wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

  2. Love German food! Hope you enjoyed your Holiday. I'm running here and there and wasn't back in Milan during the day yet...

  3. This is the perfect winter holiday! I love traveling through storybook cities like this when it snows and wish I could more often! And the food looks scrumptious! Wishing you and your little family a wonderful, joyous and very happy 2012! x

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  5. Wow, everything sounds deliiiicious!! That's so cool that you're in Europe~I'd love to go someday :D

  6. ToB - Thank you, hope you had lovely holidays too!
    Pola - we will catch up at some point: I know how crazy it gets when you are visiting home.
    Jamie - Thank you and likewise to your family. I agree, Germany really gives you the Christmas feel.
    Rookie - hi! Will do, thanks.
    Ellie - hi and welcome! I am sure you will make it over one day. Lucky you for growing up in BA.

  7. I love your line "Crackly pork rind: they must be taught young!" :P And I hope your holidays were wonderful! They certainly looked full of fun and good food! :D

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