Monday, July 25, 2011

Under the Tuscan sun...

So much has been written about Tuscany, must I add more?

Chocolate and mojito

Antipasto toscano
Under the Tuscan setting sun...

Room with a view
La Fiorentina!

Making olive oil

Schiaccia: Tuscan focaccia made in a wood fired oven

View from the other pool

Filetto di carne chianina


  1. Ok thanks to all of your beautiful photos, I'm ready to pack my bags and go to Tuscany. I hope they have Grom there ;)
    *kisses* HH

  2. Well, you did it. Now I can't wait to get back to Italy! Tuscany, here I come! And in October, the prettiest month! Love the photos!

  3. HH - there is a Grom waiting for you in Florence!
    Jamie - October is the best of course for us wine lovers, but swimming in a pool with that view wasn't too bad either.

  4. Tuscany will always be a favorite of mine. Gotta love the perfect bums on those statues too. Seriously! Looks like you're enjoying your summer!!

  5. Wow photo after photo of delicious food and stunning views! Book me a plane ticket please! :D And IMHO not enough can be written about Tuscany as I've never been there and just want to soak up every word and image!

  6. Nicole - yeah...did they really have bums like that before gyms? The great thing about Italy, as you know, is that you can go so many places just for a week end!
    Giulietta - eh si...
    Lorraine - waiting for you on this side of the worlds.
    Emily - it is a place to see.

  7. Beautiful Toscany! One day, I will manage to go spend time there! Thanks for the escape.

  8. OMG! I was just at that shop under the 2d Duomo photo! We bought some wonderful olive wood bowls and spatulas and ladels and... and ... and ... we were on our way to the hotel from Sostanza and were drawn off course by that wonderful shop and the very nice fellow who owns it!

  9. What a beautiful collage of photos to showcase Tuscany! Absolutely stunning =)

  10. I love Tuscany!! I have cousins who live all over that region. I miss it. I haven't been there in a while.
    Your kids are the cutest with those Snoopy hats! :)

  11. You know, Tuscany is top in my list for places to visit. I was thinking in 2 years, but that is now way too far away! Gorgeous pictures!

  12. ToB - I am sure you will, and when you do let me know
    Andrea - that is so funny! We did not go in but I thought it was so picturesque...and the guy seriously sold everything...a real businessman.
    Peggy - Glad you enjoyed
    MyLEK - Really? Very cool.
    Sophia - it really is a place worth visiting. You forget and take it for granted when you live just a few hours away but whenever I go back I can't help but find it stunning...the cliché fades immediately.


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