Monday, July 11, 2011

Scratch, scratch

Sorry, no cooking this week end. Was here...

...enjoying some of this...

...and some of this...cream of burrata with tomato coulis and extra virgin olive oil anyone?

Or would you prefer some Parmigiamo Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma? Both?

Separating from your five year old for her first vacation away is sort of like severing a limb: it physically hurts, it feels wrong. You still feel your child's presence when she is not there with you. That is sort of how I feel today (and how I felt then too). But she is with people that love her and that will take care of her and spoil her, just like zie (aunts) and nonne (grandmothers) are supposed to.

And if dropping her off means a weekend of doing the above, it ain't all bad right? Ok, off to scratch another mark on the wall. Five days to go.


  1. Mmm burrata-cheese from heaven! I wish it was easier to get here. Although probably a good thing for my diet that it isn't lol. And that floral wheel of cheese is so cute!

  2. I am literally trying to climb inside the computer to get to that place. JOY. In living colour.

  3. It ain't bad -- in fact, it's probably good for both you & your 5yo to have a break from each other sometimes! In the meantime, enjoy the sun & relax a little. You've earned it.

  4. You look like you had a blast! I love the colored doors, where is this?

  5. Lorraine - yeah, too bad it was finger food, could have eaten another five of those little burrata concoctions
    Tori - if you manage to climb into the computer, I suggest you climb into an Elba post. Definitely worth the cybertrip!
    Meister - it is good to learn to be apart, for both of us. I would love to relax and enjoy the sun, but she is the one who stayed on. I'm at work...
    myFudo - it was nice to get away for the weekend. The beach is in Romagna. Not beautiful beaches/water compared to other parts of Italy, so they totally overcompensate in tourist facilities. ANd do a pretty good job at it too.

  6. Who needs cooking when you can be at the beach??

    You baby will be with you soon... hold on :)

  7. Ohhhh mare!!!!!!!!!! Not commenting on the food pictures... so jealous!!!!! ;-PPP

    Your daughter will have a great time, but I can imagine it will be hard for you! A big HUG!!! And... -4 already! <3

  8. I remember like it was yesterday that feeling of separating from my children; you expressed it so well! I soon realized it was healthy for them to spend time with family and those who love them as well. Looks like you are somewhere I'd like to be!!

  9. I totally understand the separation anxiety! Have a wonderful time!

  10. I love how colorful those photos are! Looks like a relaxing, special getaway!

  11. I know if I told you that in a few years (towards adolescence) you would be wondering how soon before they leave; enjoy this pain now, it is wonderful, lovestruck pain. By the way, I still adore my kids but after 20 years of mothering, I am enjoying a little time alone. Where in the heck are you, that's what I would like to know! Sicily?

  12. Magda - so true!
    Manu - -3 now!!
    Linda - we were just there for a couple of days to drop her off, but great to get a break from the hot city
    Andrea - thanks
    Nicole - unfortunately not a getaway, just a drop off. But one day... the two of us will get away for a romantic week end. One day...
    ToB - I believe you and am not looking forward to the teenage years.


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