Sunday, May 15, 2011

Roasted fingerling potato and leek soup with spinach

You know how some weeks are just much busier than others? Well, last week was one of those weeks.

On Monday my daughter's school held its spring fundraising party, on Tuesday she had her vaccinations, yesterday we had a class meeting to discuss an upcoming trip (more on that soon - this alone generated a whole new level of matters to tackle), the elementary school she is starting in the fall called to fix an appointment for orientation (which we luckily managed to move). All of these happenings naturally took place during office hours. On top of this, Italian listed companies are reporting their first quarter results this week making it extremely hectic at work and the husband is away on a business trip.

Yesterday was also nail-cutting night.
Yes, nail cutting. If you are wondering why the heck that would even be worth mentioning, you are not a mom. Cutting the nails on four little hands and four little feet in constant movement is no easy task. Even worse when those feet are ticklish or those hands are scared of scissors. To top it all off, for those of you who aren't informed, the speed in nail growth is inversely proportional to the child's age: the younger they are, the quicker they seem to grow. So half of the time, you feel like you gave birth to Struwwelpeter.

As a result it has been a week of simple meals. In my usual quest to feed my kids as many vegetables as possible I made a your classic potato and leek soup with a few handfuls of spinach in it. What made it special was the roasted leftover fingerlings I used in it. Boy did that take it to another level.

You can have it warm and simply call it potato and leek soup or be fancy and have it cold as a Vichyssoise. I promise you, you'll love it either way.

I don't know about you, but I have been having some trouble with blogger the last few days, making it impossible to post or comment. Many comments on my last post were deleted in the process, but for those of you who left them, I want you to know I did read them and answer them. Thanks.

2 leeks
about 10 fingerling potatoes, roasted
chicken or vegetable stock
1/2 - 3/4 cup cream
a large handful of spinach leaves
pepper to taste

Clean and thinly slice the leeks, using just the white part if you want to keep the flavor delicate. Sauté them in olive oil and butter until soft. Add the chopped roasted fingerling potatoes (mine were leftover potatoes roasted with olive oil, salt and rosemary), cover with the stock and let cook for about five minutes. Throw in some spinach and when it has wilted, add in the cream and a little pepper. Blend with an immersion blender and let cook for a few minutes longer, until it reaches the desired consistency. Eat immediately, if you can't wait, or chill it before eating.


  1. In questo periodo sto sperimentando molte di queste creme di verdure che, come già hai scritto tu, sono un ottimo modo per far ingerire della verdura alle "croste".....girando tra i vari blog di cucina ho trovato un consiglio che ti ribalto perchè secondo me "useful and healthy", invece che usare la panna per mantecare consigliavano di usare del caprino.....una prelibatezza, gli da' un gusto ottimo e non si sente la differenza e ovviamente è molto più salutare!
    Un bacione,

  2. Barbara - grazie per il consiglio, lo proverò sicuramente. Normalmente non uso la panna e di solito non la tengo nemmeno in casa ma mi era avanzata quella da montare (comprata per le fragole) e quindi l'ho messa.

  3. yes...blogger has been a real pain in the YKW!

    I love this soup, it's rustic, delicious and beautiful to look at!

    I hear you about the busy weeks...we have a few coming up just as we enter into the summer.

    My 2 yr old HATES his nails cut...but loves to dig in dirt so go figure... :)

  4. This spinach looks wonderful! Thanks for posting!

  5. Hehe that's so cute re nail cutting night. You know I never really considered that it was such a production! And yes the blogger issues must have been so frustrating! I never realised how many people were actually on blogger until I visited the sites to find them down :(

  6. DD&W - dirt caked under nails...a whole 'nother adventure hehe
    Miri - you just reminded me of creamed spinach, we used to eat that way back. Must try to make it again someday.
    Lorraine - it is quite a massive all senses. Blogger was frustrating. Your comment is one of those that got lost.

  7. this soup looks very inviting right now:) thank you for sharing this with us.


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