Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good bye Elba!

We are home!

Yes, I miss the sunny beaches, the crystal clear waters, the good company and the fabulous food. I miss watching my childrens' toes wiggle in the sand, hearing their squeals of pure pleasure in the water. It makes me happy when I see them relishing in their new-found freedom, the absolute liberty to run around without clothes on, to get dirty and wet to their hearts' delight, to eat ripe peaches with sandy hands and not worry about the sweet juices running down their bare chests and dripping from their elbows. I loved kissing their warm, sun-kissed heads and tasting salt on my lips. I miss the beautiful evening light, the fresh fish and cool, creamy gelato we ate almost every day.

Fettucine with mussels, tomatoes, zucchini flowers and red peppers

I will however not deny it is good to be home. Being on vacation with two little ones is tiring. Packing and unpacking beach bags that are as big as a weekend bag becomes tedious, smothering your slippery-as-eels kids in sun block several times a day while they are trying to get away, walking uphill in the scorching sun pushing a stroller and tagging along a pre-schooler and bucket and inflatable toys to get to the car or beach is not fun. Doing  this two times a day is a pain. If you add a nice but very small apartment with 7 adults and 3 sleep-deprived kids under the age of 9 in it, it is a recipe for total mayhem. Also picture a 13-month old who is learning to walk and grabs and sucks on anything in sight. I admit it, I am tired. We had late nights, plenty of wine and early wake ups. We over-ate and under-exercised. It was loud. So as much as I miss it, it is good to be back with a routine, healthy food, exercise, children in bed early and lots of space. Our apartment is far from big, but it feels like a palace (and a pretty empty one at that) now.

So don't get me wrong, I am not complaining and I am also totally aware there is very little to complain about when you are on vacation in a beautiful place with your family. I am just saying I feel a little like I was in a blender. Believe me when I say it is with real saudaji and many thanks to my in-laws that I say good bye to Elba.

Fireworks for Ferragosto

Still life of monkfish and squid. Before and...


Schiaccia, the Tuscan version of foccaccia

Yacht designed by Norman Foster

Fresh fish anyone?

Preparing zuppa di pesce (fish soup)...

...remember the mahi-mahi head?

Marina di Campo

View from Capoliveri

In Capoliveri

Frying eggplant

Childrens' pizza (small)


  1. I know exactly what you mean. Travelling is exhilarating but it is also exhausting! It makes you really appreciate coming home too :)

  2. Hi, Thanks for your visit and the nice comment on my blog. What a great vacation you must have had. Elba is beautiful. Let's visit soon. Kirsten

  3. Hi Kirsten, thanks for dropping in and good to meet you! I will be visiting you soon again, love your recipes.
    Hey Lorraine! Totally agree


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