Friday, May 31, 2013

Week end links

We have a busy week end ahead of us with lots of playdates, most of which the fun kind: the kids in one room playing and parents in the other enjoying cocktails and finger food. What are your plans?
Here are some links to things I am liking these days. If you are having a lazy week end moment, enjoy.
Dreaming of a getaway in one of these (minus the reality show).
Getting ready for an amazing Monday night reading this and watching this. According to weather reports, looks like we won't be singing "Who'll stop the rain".
Look what I got in the mail yesterday. My next read.
I might just have to take my kids to try these. After opening temporary stores in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Sao Paolo and Shanghai, they are now open in Milan until end September. Choose your own flavor, coating and topping.
Who ever said carrots are boring? Or eggplant?
Have a good one!



  1. It's always nice to have a quiet and less pressured weekend. We, unfortunately, don't have one of those this week but the following weekend is looking good xx

  2. My favourite link is the eggplant one. And the Magnum one! And the treehouse is gorgeous too.

  3. I've been travelling so my weekends have been really packed! I'm looking forward to having a quiet one one day! :D


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