Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh the Mediterranean...

I am back from a week of Mediterranean beaches, sunshine, water and great food.

To keep you entertained while I write my new post, here are a few snapshots from my Instagram account (you can follow me clicking here or on the button below on the right hand side).



Vi voglio tanto bene...

The evening ferry

View from our dinner table on date night

Last morning at the beach

Mother in law making fish soup and cous cous di pesce

A day on a boat

Love this fan!

Anchovies cooked in lemon juice with Tuscan EVOO


On the ferry boat

Eating cherries on the beach

Coffee and almond granita

Having granita and watching the boats come in
Blazing afternoon heat

How people did laundry in the old days

Burning off the calories

Out for an evening stroll



  1. You know is not nice to show this kind of pictures to someone stuck in the midwest for the rest of the summer?

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous pics! I've just got back from holiday too - 2 weeks in sunny Barcelona - and looking at these has taken me back to happy memories of sunshine, sea and incredible food.

    That bistecca shot at the end is amazing - can't wait to go to Tuscany later this month and get my hands on some serious italian beef!

    1. Hope you had a great time in Spain and to hear more about it.
      Yes, Fiorentina is a must when in Tuscany.

  3. Welcome back! What gorgeous photos and I think that Instagram and some of those lovely retro style filters really suit the idyllic mood of the holiday! :D

    1. Thanks Lorraine!

  4. Boy do I miss my European vacations!

  5. Ditto to that Pola! Not fair at all... if you think that it is winter here, it's even worse!!!! ;-)

  6. I love it! we virtually have inverted lives: I am an Italian enjoying the beauty that is America, and you are an American enjoying the beauty that is Italy. And we now belong to both magical worlds.

  7. P.s. like Nicole, I too miss my European vacations. This summer we chose to travel the West of the US, but next summer for sure I will be coming to Italia :)


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