Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gelato Rivareno - Milan

TGIF! To celebrate, a few of us from the office headed over to a new gelateria, Rivareno, to try their gelato, and what a good idea that was! Especially after walking over in over 30°C.

Like many of the new places opening here these days, it pretty much imitates Grom's philosophy (and decor: minimalist, old-fashioned dipping wells etc.): fresh, seasonal, top quality, all-natural ingredients and artisanal methods. Rivareno has two stores here in Milan and several more around Italy.

What really captured our interest were the flavors, an assortment of interesting combinations like almond gelato with caramelized almonds and amaretti (Contessa), zabaione chocolate with dark chocolate and coffee cake (Otello), saffron with toasted and caramelized sesame seeds (Zafferano al sesamo), mascarpone gelato with gianduja sauce (Alice) and many more.

I had Alice and Ricotta e Fichi. When the guy behind the counter reached for a cone and poured some gianduja sauce (hazel nuts and chocolate, a sort of liquid Nutella - must I add more?) into the bottom of it and then proceeded to put the gelato onto it, I was a little taken aback as I thought the gianduja sauce would be swirled into the ice cream. This naturally did not stop me and I eagerly tasted the ricotta ice cream with caramelized figs in it. Very good. The mascarpone ice cream I tasted right after was subtle and not overly sweet and a perfect contrast to the rich flavor of the figs morsels. And then I reached the cone and I understood. It suddenly all made sense. Those last bites were heaven, the gianduja sauce mixing with the left over mascarpone gelato to create the perfect union and then, once the gelato was finished, accompanying every last bite of the cone.

Unfotunately the cones were wafer cones and the gelato was just a little bit too much on the soft side. They write on their pamphlet that they keep the temperature higher so as to taste flavors better, but mine was on the verge of dripping (so please forgive me for eating up quickly and not taking a picture. I also have not gotten used to keeping a camera in my bag 24/7). Also, when you buy ice cream to take home (mental note: this is very common in Italy but not something you really do in the States...or elsewhere. Correct me if I am wrong) they charge you extra for the polystyrene if you had a choice! And the ice cream is definitely more expensive than your average gelateria (€20,00 for a kg as opposed to an average of €18,00).

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  1. What about the flavour "sheep ricotta and figs"? Strong and delicate at the same time... Looking forward to the coming Fiday, which has been decreed as the GELATO DAY!



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